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April 26-29, 2018
-A Major Japanese Cultural Event Held in Conjunction
with the Chicago Japanese Sword Show -
Hyatt Regency Woodfield - Schaumburg, Illinois
1800 E. Golf Rd. (west of Rt 53)
(across from Woodfield Mall)


Shinsa team in action

A shinsa, or appraisal/authentication, will be held during the event for swords and sword fittings (tsuba, menuki, fuchi-gashira, koshirae, etc.) which can be submitted for judgement by advanced reservation. The group of experts coming from Japan to perform the appraisals are from the non-profit Nihon Token Hozon Kai (NTHK-NPO) which is the oldest sword appraisal group in Japan, dating back to the Meiji period (founded in 1910).

The organization was formally granted non-profit status (NPO) by the Japanese government in 2002 as an educational organization. The group publishes a bi-monthly journal called "Token to Rekishi" ("The Sword and History"). Additionally, the group offers formal appraisal and authentication services in an effort to help preserve the culture of Japan and to educate the public. The NTHK has made numerous trips to the US for appraisal sessions to meet the needs of Western collectors and to educate owners of souvenir swords so that they too may appreciate the beauty and history associated with these unique works of art.

Miyano san
Mr. Miyano Teiji

The appraisal team coming to the US in 2018 will be headed by Mr. Miyano Teiji (health permitting). Miyano Sensei is one of the very top sword judges in Japan. He has devoted more than 50 years, the majority of his adult life, to the research and study of Japanese swords and their fittings. Mr. Ohashi Hiroshi is an expert in Japanese sword fittings. He is a senior member of several private Japanese sword fittings groups and has written extensively on the subject. Other members of the appraisal team include Mr. Kawashima Shin'ichi, and Mr. Yagi Hideo. Their work in Japan is highly respected and they are regarded as one of the top two appraisal teams in the world; the team is second only to the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) in the number of swords they receive each month for appraisal.

Those wishing to submit swords and/or fittings (tsuba, menuki, fuchi-gashira, koshirae, etc.) for shinsa must first reserve a space and pay a non-refundable $100 submission fee per item (payment by check made out to "Chris Bowen" and sent to me at my PO Box below). Items passing shinsa will incur an additional mandatory fee of $175 payable at the completion of the shinsa (cash ONLY) for the formal appraisal papers (kantei-sho) which are sent later.

For those individuals who wish to submit items for shinsa but are unable to attend the event, we will offer a submittal service at $100 per item plus return shipping costs (include the mail in fee with your reservation payment- these fees are in addition to the shinsa fees detailed in the preceeding paragraph). Items should be shipped registered mail/insured at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Items will be submitted to shinsa on Thursday, April 26, 2018. Items will then be repacked and returned via registered mail the week folllowing the event. Those making a reservation for the mail-in shinsa will be notified a month before the event of the shipping address.

A kantei-sho, or appraisal certificate, with a picture and description of the item will be sent to the owner from Japan following the shinsa. The owner will also receive a copy of the shinsa team's worksheet which will describe the sword/fitting and indicate the period, maker (or school), and point score at the conclusion of the shinsa.

Kantei-sho will be issued according to the following system:

60-69 points: Shintei-sho (equivalent to the NBTHK Hozon level)
70-79 points: Kantei-sho (equivalent to the NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon)
80+ points: Kantei-sho (plus eligible for the yearly Yushu shinsa held only in Japan)

We encourage those interested to make their reservations sooner rather than later as space is limited and usually sells out well in advance of the event.

For further Shinsa information and to make reservations, please contact:

Chris Bowen
PO Box 99
Mt. Hope, WI 53816
TEL: 608-994-2538

For Hotel, Table reservations and further information about the Chicago Japanese Sword Show, please contact:

Mark Jones
427 W. Dussel #128
Maumee, OH 43537-4208
Call 419-283-0941 9am-5pm E.S.T