Books and Publications

The following books and publications are currently available. If you are looking for something special or specific, please let us know as we are always in touch with collectors and dealers and things are always coming and going...Click on the titles to see photos of the publications. Prices do not include shipping.

Nihonto Meikan, Homma and Ishii

The bible of swordsmiths, this is the most complete listing of swordmakers available and a must for all collectors. Very good condition, with slip case. $300.SOLD (DR)

Nihon Koto Shi, Homma

A study of Koto swords by the leading authority of the 20th century, Dr. Homma Junji. With photos, oshigata, and text. A great reference. Good condition, with slip cover. $200.

Shin Ko Meito Zufu, NBTHK Hyogo Shibu

A comprehensive study of Shinto and Koto masterworks by the NBTHK. Large format with excellent photos and oshigata of many swords not pictured elsewhere. Good condition, small tear at top of cover, with slip case. $200.

Nihonto Kyo no Meiso, Sano Bijutsukan

This is the study on the famous Rai school from Yamashiro. The Sano Museum has set the standard with their first rate exhibits, catalogs, and scholarship. You will not find a more comprehensive treatise on the Rai school; the photos and oshigata are as good as it gets. There is no better reference or study materials available on the Rai school. New. $100.

Masamune, Sano Bijutsukan

Another winner from the Sano Museum, this time the focus is on the legendary Masamune and his school. Again, first rate and definitive. As close to a Masamune as one is likely to get without going to Japan. New. $100.

Sosoki no Nihonto, Sano Bijutsukan

The exhibit catalog from the Sano's exhibit on the development of the Japanese sword. My personal favorite of all their exhibit catalogs, there is nothing else available which so completely illustrates the changes in the Japanese sword from the earliest blades of the Nara period forward. Many ancient blades illustrated that are not found elsewhere. Again, first rate photos and oshigata. New. $100.SOLD (CG)

Dai Token Ichi 2001, Japan Sword Dealer's Association

This is the sales catalog from the 2001 Sword Dealer's Association show, held yearly in Tokyo. See what the dealers in Japan are hawking! As new, SOLD (AM).

Shinsakuto Tenrankai Heisei 15, NBTHK

This catalog shows all the winners from the yearly NBTHK swordmaking contest. Amazing what these craftsman are doing these days. New. $50.

Toso Kinko Jiten, Wakayama

What the Nihonto Meikan is to swords, this book is to kinko artists. A comprehensive listing of kinko artists which will help identify those tsuba and fuchi signatures. A must have reference for anyone into kodogu. New, with slip case. $200. SOLD (FG)

Akasaka Tsuba, Sano Bijutuskan

Sano's ode to the popular Akasaka tsuba, this is the definitive treatise on the Akasaka school. Sano's original research traces the roots and development of the highly popular sukashi tsuba group with signature examples of the main tsuba-ko and students. Recommended for anyone with an interest in excellent iron tsuba. Used, $75. SOLD (FG)

Kano Natsuo Meihin Hen, Yoshida and Ikeda

A comprehensive study of the most acclaimed kinko of the Meiji period, Kano Natsuo. This book covers all the bases, with excellent photos of Natsuo's kodogu, paintings, and kinko work. An amazingly talented artist. Large format. As new, with slip cover. $300.SOLD (PK)

Shoyukai Zuroku, Private Publication

Perhaps little known outside of Japan, the Shoyukai is a very private, exclusive group of kodogu collectors in Japan. Membership by invitation only, the group has published items from some of the best private collections in the world. The kodogu illustrated in this book is as good as it gets, and rarely shown to outsiders. Top quality photos on heavy paper. Here's your look at the cream of Japan's private kodogu collections. Very hard to come by. New, with slip cover. $200. SOLD (CH)