Ordering a Newly Made Sword

There are many reasons for ordering a newly made sword.  For many, participating in the creation of a newly made blade, having one's name cut into the nakago, and taking ownership of a one-of-a-kind work of art is an unequaled pleasure.  For the serious martial arts practitioner, there is no rival to a blade made to match one's dimensional needs.  Others prefer the robust health of a new blade to the worn, frequently tired, condition of old blades.  It is hard to argue with the sheer beauty of a blade made by a modern master smith; today's top tosho are creating works which rival all but the very best of those of old.

I have ordered many blades from several of the best up-and-coming smiths working in Japan today.  There is a lot of hype surrounding many of the smiths in the West.  I have purposely searched for smiths who avoid the heavy PR and politics and, in the old tradition, concentrate soley on making excellent swords.  I know many of these smiths personally and can get a much better price for you than you are likely to get through a traditional sword shop or sword dealer.

I would be happy to recommend a smith and work with you to commission a modern blade.  I can make recommendations, place the order, arrangement payment, and handle the export and shipment to your door.

As far as prices are concerned, they vary considerably from smith to smith.  The smiths I work with usually charge in the range of $10,000US-12,000US for a basic blade, in top quality polish, with habaki and shirasaya.  This is half the price found in sword shops. Special custom work is of course priced on a case by case basis.

I can also assist in the mounting of your shinsakuto in traditional koshirae .  I can provide a variety of saya colors, ito colors and wrap styles, and a wide selection of newly made kodogu (tsuba, fuchi-gashira, and menuki).  It is difficult to estimate the cost of a newly made koshriae as there are many variables, but a very basic koshirae typically adds at least $3000US, and goes on up from there.

Recommended Smiths