Swords for Sale

General Information

Most swords for sale are in fresh, top quality Japanese polish. These swords are high quality, investment grade collectibles. Older swords have kanteisho which attests to their quality. These swords have been chosen with the collector in mind; they have historical and artistic value.

All swords are guaranteed to be as described. Payment by paypal, bank wire, or cashier's check. Returns possible by previous agreement.

Click on the SMITH to see photos and details of each blade.

Serious inquiries are always welcome. Please enjoy the beauty of the Japanese sword...

1 tanto Tatsuyoshi shinsakuto 15 cm SOLD
2 0-tanto Tatsuyoshi shinsakuto 32.5 cm SALE! $4000
3 wakizashi Yasuaki shinsakuto 55.5 cm SALE! $4000
4 katana Kawashima Tadayoshi kindaito 67.2 cm SALE! $3000
5 O-tanto Chojusai Toshikazu shinshinto 31.5 cm SALE! $4000
6 katana Tomida Sukehiro kindaito 65 cm SALE! $2750
7 katana Tomida Sukehiro kindaito 68.5 cm SALE! $3250
8 wakizashi Kazusa no Kami Shigeyasu shinto 45.5 cm SALE! $4000
9 katana Munetake shinshinto 73.5 cm SOLD
10 wakizashi Noshu Seki ju Kanenori shinto 44 cm SALE! $2000
11 wakizashi Omi no Suke Kiyohide shinshinto 44 cm SALE $2000
12 katana Geishu Minamoto Masamitsu shinshinto 68 cm SOLD
13 wakizashi Bizen no Kuni Osafune ju Sukenaga shinshinto 40.5 cm SOLD
14 wakizashi Mumei late shinto/early shinshinto 43.5 cm SOLD
15 tanto Mumei (Gassan Sadakazu) shinshinto 17 cm SOLD
16 tanto Enomoto Sadahito shinsakuto 29.5 cm SOLD
17 katana Kunitada kindaito 66.5 cm SOLD